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Unity Goes Social With Acquisition of Applifier

Unity has seen the power of sharing a scene from a game with friends and is taking steps to integrate social aspects to its engine. The company has acquired Applifier, a company that aids developers in setting up instant-replay type recordings for their games. There isn’t better advertising than having a person-to-person exchange of gameplay from a Unity-powered game.

With the acquisition of Applifier, Unity Technologies gets their hands on Everplay. The Everplay SDK allows for gamers to record events within their games, save it via a DVR styled interface and upload it via Twitter, Facebook and the Everplay video network. With 300 games running the system, Everplay saw 650,000 replays shared in February.

The Unity engine is one of the go-to platforms for mobile gaming. It enables the developer to build the game once and run it natively on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Linux. It essentially covers every platform out there.

In addition to the Everplay, the acquisition of Applifier by Unity also gets the company GameAds, the company’s ad network. It will offer developers a way to monetize non-paying players on their games with video ads.

Terms of the deal are not known yet, but with the company listing over 40 employees, it’s not likely this was a simple acqui-hire.

Below is how the Everplay system works and what Unity developers can expect once it is integrated.


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