So long PSP. Sony announced today they are discontinuing the Playstation Portable after tens years on the market. Shipments of the handheld device will cease across the world by the end of 2014.

The AP reports shipments to North America ended in January. Shipments to Japan slated to end this month and Europe will see shipments cease later this year. You can still get your Sony handheld fix with the Playstation Vita.

The Playstation Portable first launched in 2004 and hit more than 76 million units sold in its lifetime. That 76 million unit figure is probably a bit higher since PSP sales were last calculated two years ago.

Handheld consoles have been overshadowed by the recent release of new console hardware.

The Playstation Vita isn’t seeing the best sales as it contends with Nintendo’s 3DS. Many analysts and experts say the Vita has seen lackluster sales. We don’t have a solid picture of Vita sales since Sony does not release the cumulative global unit sales of the Vita and instead combines it with PSP numbers.

Sony is working to revitalize the Vita, though. One of the biggest recent moves was pushing remote play with the PS4.

With the end of the PSP, Sony will now push just the PS Vita. Look for the Vita to remain a strong part of Sony’s push moving forward. We’ll see exactly what Sony has planned during its E3 press conference next week.


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