Google’s annual invite-only developer conference, Google I/O, kicks off tomorrow. Ahead of the conference, Google announced the launch of 11 new official apps for Google Glass.

Big names in the app space including Duolingo, The Guardian, Shazam and Livestream are making the move to Google Glass.

The full list includes Duolingo, Runtastic, 94Fifty Basketball, The Guardian, GuidiGo, Zombies, Run!, Star Chart, Shazam,, Livestream and musiXmatch.

Allthecooks, a social cooking app already on Google Glass, is also receiving a major update.

How do these apps work on Google Glass? keeps you update on all the action at the World Cup. Alerts about games and goals will can be accessed on the headset as well as articles.

Shazam gets easier with Glass. Hear a song, but don’t know the name? You can say, “OK, Glass, recognize this song” and Shazam will tell you the song title and artist singing it.

Livestream has supported Glass in the past, but it’s now officially Glassware today. Share your stream to others and view chat messages from viewers.

Fitness lovers can use Runtastic to track distance ran and other fitness goals.

Star Chart turns you into an instant astronomer. Turn your eyes to the sky and explore the stars, planets and more.

You can get a brief rundown of what each app brings to Glass at this Google+ post.

Interested in the Google I/O conference? Check out the livestream here. The keynote gets started at 9 am PDT tomorrow morning.


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