Hats off to the folks at Legacy Classic Trucks of Idaho. The 1957 Chevy pickup truck has all the looks of a well-preserved classic, but what you’re staring at is a highly modified monster.

Its body is brand new – owing its looks from the fabrication team at Premier Street Rods. That’s impressive as hell because the first glance says old classic truck. Not a complete rebuild with all the trappings to make someone look foolish at a red light. Yeah, here’s the disclaimer of I’m not advocating doing that…

1957 Chevy Napco engine

Under the gorgeous hood is a warrantied LS327 small block that hits 350HP. Not bad for a light truck. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and an Atlas transfer case. Need to wake the neighbors? A Borla C7 Stingray exhaust begs you to mash the accelerator. Radar detector folks. And common sense.

1957 Chevy napco rear

Inside is a completely reworked interior that pays respect to the legacy of an old pickup truck. A custom bench seat with an armrest is wrapped in Horween leather. The bench seat is where the throwback stops. Powering the audio is a Focal K2 power pumping out 900 watts of your favorite country station. Your old lady may have left you, but at least you get the truck.

1957 Napco truck interior

It’s air conditioned, which is a must. Live in the south for a summer with the humidity. The interior work is courtesy of JS custom interiors.

Legacy didn’t want the ‘57 Chevy stuck on the streets. It’s trail ready with 12+ inches of suspension travel, 2.5” King Bypass Shocks and Toyo RT tires.

And now the price. It’s negotiable at $182,000. Ouch. And you’d take it on trails. The normal wait time for the Legacy Classic Truck is six months, but the Hemmings classic car marketplace offers one to jump the line. With an obvious premium.

There’s no deny the 1957 Chevy Napco is gorgeous, but $182,000? The Powerball jackpot would have to be up there. Or maybe I have a long lost relative who has a fortune.

Sound off in the comments on the ‘57 Chevy. It’s expensive, but what do you see that you like on the truck?

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