2 Million Dollars? A Pool and a Mountain. Welcome to the One Percent

two million dollar pool

You know you have entered the realm of dumb money when you can afford this. A $2 million pool complete with a man-made mountain and waterfalls. Oh, it also has a full outdoor kitchen, because you’re going to get hungry.

This two million dollars of awesome is located in Utah, and brings up an interesting question. Why is this being shown on Animal Planet? I get there are only so many safaris you can show before Bear Grylls shows up hungry, but one percenters and their pools? I guess ratings are needed and this beats a pawn shop.

The pool is massive and comes with a lazy river. Also, need a scuba spot? This has it. It comes with a claustrophobic, 50-foot tunnel that goes into the 26-foot deep, main pool. You actually have to be scuba certified to use the tunnel.

Yes, if I ever become insanely wealthy, I will build something like this. Who doesn’t want their own series of waterfalls? Be sure to check out the video below, and share this with your powerball buddies. You know what you’re aiming for now.

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