In case you missed it, we are officially in the holiday season that grows longer by the year. How long until we start seeing ‘Black Friday’ deals in August? Nikon is joining in on the early discounts across its line of cameras. If you’re a beginner, there are absurd deals and even the professionals get a little love.

The headline deal out of Nikon is the D3400 double lens kit for $499.99. If you want to ease yourself into the hobby, it doesn’t get much cheaper if you’re a Nikon fan. Did you wait on the Nikon D500? Chop another $200 off the body of the pro-level DX camera. It also comes with a battery pack.

2016 Nikon Black Friday

We are in the process of reviewing the D500, and it’s a damn dream. Yeah, I may have held down the shutter release for the hell of it to hear the 10fps firing off. Couldn’t help it. The price is now at $1799 and comes with a free battery pack, making it into a hell of a deal.

If you’re buying the camera as an upgrade, the kit lens isn’t necessary. Spend the extra on the Nikkor lens deals. The same portrait/macro deal from last year is back along with a variety of other lenses.

Nikon D5500 or Wait?

The Nikon D3400 may be the bargain-basement entry-level DSLR, but it’s the D5500 that’s the well-rounded DSLR for beginners. And I love the articulating screen and question why it isn’t on the D500.

thunder's tough day Nikon d5500 kit lens

For Black Friday, the D5500 is priced at $700 with the 18-55mm kit lens. Add on the AF-S 55-200mm for $100. It’s a stellar camera for the family or as a backup. Prepare yourself to want to keep buying lenses and other accessories.

So, why wait? The D5600 is nearing its announcement – possibly next week. Rumors have it at the same specs with the addition of Snapbridge and better dynamic range (similar to the 7200). It’s still in full rumor stage, but the consensus is it will not have 4K video capability. It brings up an interesting decision if you’re looking at the D5500 as a Christmas gift. Is that $700/$800 price static, or will it drop a bit lower on the announcement of the D5600?

Having Snapbridge and slightly better dynamic range isn’t a must-have if you are going entry level. You can use wifi to send pictures to your phone for social media. Neither of those features is worth the extra cost. Of course, this assumes you are sold on the Nikon D5500 as the camera you’re buying for the holidays. Having the chance to compare the D5500 and D500, the differences are staggering. But a thousand dollars is separating the two. And a serious skill set gap.

lightning reddit famous

The D5500 makes you feel like a pro without spending like one – it even made our border collie internet famous for a day. Buying the D500 is a different level of photography. It’s up to you to make the shots look amazing, but damn if you don’t feel like a badass snapping away. Look for our reviews in the coming days.

We’ll keep you updated on the finalized specs on the D5600. Nikon could be prepping a curveball and include 4K video and more. Never know with the company.

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