It’s back. Acura’s second-generation NSX is finally making its sweet return to showrooms later this year. Along with a guarantee to turn heads. It better, considering the base $156,000 price tag.

The 2017 Acura NSX is a nod at the first-generation while propelling the brand into the future. Publications have been given seat time in the production model by Honda and Acura, and the two-seat, mid-engined supercar has been earning its praises.

2017 Acura NSX

Originally built from 1990-2005, the NSX was a salvo against the Italian mainstays, and proof Honda could hang with the upper echelon of luxury brands. Lightweight and powerful, it became something of a cult classic among car enthusiasts. Especially the Type R.

2017 Acura NSX style

Today’s NSX? Complexity rules the day. The V6 engine is still there, mounted between the cockpit and rear wheels. Giving it additional power is a pair of turbochargers and the electric motors – two up front and one in the rear. Final power numbers? 573 HP and 476 lb-ft. of torque.

NSX Hybrid

The addition of electric motors lets Acura claim the hybrid tag. Before you start wondering where you’ll plug it in, don’t stress it. You’re not. Battery power is restored through regenerative braking. And if you’re expecting Prius level fuel economy, it has 573 HP. Not happening.

You can drive it short distances on pure electric power, but those hoping for distances equal to that of the BMW i8 will be disappointed. Fuel economy on the NSX hits 21 mpg compared to the i8’s 28 mpg.

Acura NSX Loves the Road

Impressions of the NSX have focused on the open road over the track. It seems most that have been behind the wheel prefer to rip through corners on a windy road versus the local oval.

It makes sense. At the end of the day, Acura is a subsidiary of Honda. The automaker wants you to drive it, not cart it around to various tracks. Not to say 573 horses won’t do some damage, but angling for your next speeding ticket is always a bit more fun.

With the Honda pedigree comes Honda reliability. Wait, a sports car that’s reliable? What madness is this Honda? Acura engineers claim it will have the same maintenance as the MDX crossover SUV. Fellas, if it’s 20 percent of that statement, you win.


Electric motors/generators not enough? Good, because Acura isn’t done yet. The NSX features what the automaker dubs torque vectoring. Before it was hoping like hell the tires were enough to keep the car planted. Now? Torque vectoring shifts the amount of torque to the wheels instantly.

Benefits of electric motors.

Still screwed up the corner? The intelligent braking system relies on the electric motors to fix your mistake. No more sheepish glances at your passenger in apology for hitting the turn a little hot. Acura has your back.

The benefits extend past the Acura NSX. Honda already has plans for the advanced powertrain. Elements of the AWD system should make its way to other production cars with price tags meant for us mere mortals.

2017 Acura NSX interior

NSX Styling

It’s a second-generation model. The originalists will scream their baby has changed while others will embrace the look. Regardless of how you feel, driving one will have heads snapping around to take a look.

Options on the NSX push the base price quickly to $200,000 if you’re fan of carbon fiber and pearlescent paint. $8,000 for a paint color? You are tossing well north of $100k down on a car, can anyone belabor the price of paint?

Look for the Acura NSX to land in showrooms later this year. It may not top the lists of supercars, but the car world needed what Acura served up. A new NSX.

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