It’s that time of the year. The annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari where Jeep enthusiasts watch on as Jeep continues to tease us with amazing concepts I want in my driveway. It’s an event that is equal parts awesome and torture. 2016 was an amazing year and here’s what’s in store for 2017.

moab easter jeep safari jeep grand one

The headliner of the seven concepts is the Jeep Grand One. Prepare to feel old because it celebrates the 25th anniversary of the 1993 Grand Cherokee ZJ. The automaker brings it into the 21st century with high-clearance fender flares, woodgrain body trim, a 5.2L V8, and 18-inch lace-style wheels.

Jeep had fun and kept the original car phone and a Nintendo Gameboy in the back.

It may be an anniversary restomod, but take a look at the Jeep Quicksand.

moab easter jeep safari quicksand

How the hell do we get the automaker to build it? Powered by a 392 Hemi crate engine with eight-stack injection, it has more than enough power to handle any trail. But it’s the hot rod looks which give it the attention it deserves. A chopped hardtop and windshield are paired with a cutout in the hood to show off that gorgeous Hemi.

Jeep, we need the Quicksand built. Don’t do that to Jeep fans. That’s torture.

My personal favorite is the Jeep Switchback because it actually has a chance of being built. It’s hard to hate on a badass Wrangler. Ok, I have two favorites. Let me drive away with the Switchback and the Luminator.

moab easter jeep safari jeep switchback

moab easter jeep safari jeep luminator

Another Wrangler concept is the Jeep Safari. Everyone gets a view thanks to a translucent hardtop and doors Jeep refers to as ‘windows.’ Anyone else imagining Jurassic Park and debating the necessity of everything being open to the outdoors? It does have the power to get out of the way with a 3.6L Pentastar V6 paired with a five-speed automatic transmission.

Need something a bit more sedate? Here’s the Trailpass concept for the Jeep Compass. Imagine the Trailhawk and kick it up a few notches. Nothing outlandish, but it does enjoy a 1.5-inch lift kit and Continental Terrain Tires.

moab easter jeep safari trailpass

Yeah, it doesn’t quite have the cool factor as the Quicksand, but not everything can be hot rod Jeep. Damn it, quit teasing us like that, Jeep.

Sound off in the comments on your favorite concept.

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