It’s more than a little odd the 2018 Ford Mustang wasn’t unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show Press event, but it’s here now. Ford executives are either tiring of trade shows or they wanted a little extra ‘America’ before Inauguration Day. Either way, let’s all be glad they found a damn good photographer to replace the memories of video featuring the yellow monster.


Yeah, what the hell was Ford thinking? Someone in marketing decided to make a troll video which somehow leaked. Thankfully, no harm done with the official photos of the 2018 Ford Mustang. Notice the 5.0 badge? Oh yeah, the V8 is staying for another generation.

2018 Ford Mustang front

2018 Ford Mustang side view

2018 Ford Mustang Specs

It’s not the typical slight changes we see in generations, the new Mustang has a sharper and more menacing front coupled with all-LED lights – a first for the Mustang lineup. Prepare for people thinking you have your brights on constantly.

On the rear, a new taillamp design is being unveiled alongside a new bumper and an optional performance spoiler. It’s completely subjective, but the clean lines of a spoilerless Mustang looks better.

2018 Ford Mustang headlights

Performance is getting a nice upgrade with optional MagneRide damper tech along with suspension upgrades. A more powerful V8 is paired with a new manual transmission or an option 10-speed automatic. Oh and you’re not seeing things in the photos – the 2018 Mustang has a quad exhaust system.

2018 Ford Mustang quad exhaust

Ford isn’t stopping with the outside with the interior getting serious upgrades. An all-digital dashboard means wipe your greasy hands before navigating through the 12” touchscreen. Customizations include modes for normal driving, sport and track use.

2018 Ford Mustang interior

Keeping you safe is the addition of Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist and distance alerts.

Pricing will stay in the range of the current generations of Mustangs and expect to see the 2018 model drive into showrooms this fall.

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