Liu Bei. Guan Yu. Zhang Fei. Lu Bu. It sounds a lot like a Dynasty Warriors game, right? Creative Assembly announced the newest mainline historical Total War game this week, and we are heading to the Three Kingdoms period in China. Let’s watch the announcement cinematic.

Well damn, now I want to play Dynasty Warriors.

The trailer has a laser focus on the figures of that time. This period is a smart pick for Creative Assembly. Each general/officer visually stands out. All of us Dynasty Warrior fans immediately recognized characters throughout the trailer above.

Plus, the Warhammer series expanded what generals/leaders can do on the battlefield in a big way. Generals aren’t just there for moral support anymore. They can have material impact on every battle.
Whether using magic or getting up close and personal.

I would be shocked if Three Kingdoms doesn’t expand that gameplay feature. Maybe having multiple officers alongside the main general, each with their own abilities.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set for a Fall 2018 release. Creative Assembly is assuring fans this game will have “a jaw-dropping, epic Campaign map.”

But Three Kingdoms isn’t the only historical Total War game we’re getting this year. Total War: Thrones of Britannia is coming this Spring. Take control as King Alfred against the hordes of Danes to the East. Or, reshape England as a Viking warlord. After binge-watching ‘The Last Kingdom’ on Netflix, Uhtred better be there.

Thrones of Britannia will be a standalone release. It’ll be built off the Total War: Attila codebase, but with some tweaks and changes. You won’t need to own Attila to play Thrones of Britannia.

Creative Assembly posted a huge Campaign map reveal a few months ago. Check out the layout of the factions and settlements across England.

No word on pricing yet, but ‘Saga’ games (Total War games that feature a single overarching geographical region) like Thrones of Britannia tend to be a bit cheaper than mainline releases.

So there you have it. Two historical Total War games coming this year. Three Kingdoms will likely have the better gameplay feature set, but I’m a sucker for Vikings. I’ll be playing both.

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