Yeah, the nonstop rumor train is back at it for the 2019 iPhones. Reports are zeroing in on Apple launching three phones in September. And with most significant redesign rumors focused on 2020, Apple fans will get one major redesign if the rumors pan out.

A triple lens camera setup for the flagship XI Max or whatever Apple decides to call it. The new smartphone camera system already has a few interesting design renders which have been met with absolute polarization. Some like the renders, while others are aghast. There’s no middle ground.

triple lens iphone render
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Yeah… I’m not sure here especially when I like rocking my Moment lenses for smartphone photography. It’s definitely different. If you’re not a fan, the base XI is said to feature the current dual-lens setup, and the big rumor is the successor to the XR will also join its more expensive sibling with a dual-lens camera.

That’s one way to keep cannibalizing iPhone sales. Make the only difference between the XI and the cheaper XR(2?) damn near the same besides the OLED on the XI, while the XR successor sticks with the LCD. Apple does realize most people can’t tell the difference or don’t give a damn, right?

Why the three cameras on the XI Max? One, because other companies are doing it, and with peak smartphone saturation upon us, it can’t be left out. The other is to make the camera better. Another lens would increase the optical zoom along with allowing for advanced 3D sensing.

It would also give a clear delineation between Apple’s two flagship models, the XS and XS Max. Currently, they are the same besides screen size and marginally better battery life.

Another rumor hitting for all three 2019 iPhones is they will all lose 3D Touch. I hardly ever use the function, so how much it will be missed is individualized. And the last rumor circulating this week is Apple could be ready to drop the LCD model. Whether it means the XR is gone or getting an upgrade in 2020 remains to be seen. Considering how aggressive Apple is marketing the XR, count me in the corner for an update over dropping the third, cheaper model.

That wraps it for Apple iPhone rumors for the week. The triple lens camera system is intriguing, but the render above doesn’t look like it would help avid smartphone photographers. Keeping the lenses in a line would mean we all get to keep our smartphone glass without having to upgrade to a new mounting system.

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