Prepare yourself for a dose of awe and a case of bitterness. The Ford Bronco has a special place in the heart of Ford fans, and off-road fans everywhere. I remember the first time I remember seeing a Bronco was in Adak, Alaska. Trust me, even though there were roads, it was a loose term for the Navy base.

Since Ford discontinued the Bronco, there have been teases of concept vehicles. Who doesn’t remember the 2004 Bronco concept? Nothing ever came of the concepts, and we are left dreaming of what will be in 2020. Expectations are for Ford to finally return the Bronco to showrooms.

Here’s your latest dream.

2020 Bronco Concept

2020 black ford bronco concept

Well now, this is both awesome and diabolical. The concept you are seeing is the work of the Bronco 6G forum. Yes, people in a forum mocked up a sixth generation Bronco, and it looks incredible.

Unfortunately, the work is just fans clamoring for what they want. Ford, are you listening? The rumbling is a sixth-generation Bronco is in the early stages of development, and the automaker is preparing to benchmark the future vehicle against the Jeep Wrangler.

The automaker could rush this into production and call it a day. People would be lined up for months to drive this Bronco6G concept.

Let the Internet wars commence between fans of each. Me? I take the ‘I want one of each’ approach.

2020 ford bronco concept in charcoal

2020 ford bronco concept in red

Bronco Inspiration

Ok, it’s gorgeous. Not too overdone, and you can make the argument we should see some of the style cues in whatever Ford brings to the table.

The fans at Bronco 6G used the 2004 Bronco Concept and style cues from previous generations to come up with the renderings.

ford-bronco-style 2004-ford-bronco-concept

It’s an excellent blend of modern and retro style. The built-in winch? Come on, Ford. Work with us and let that be an option.

My two color favorites? The charcoal and black.

Will Ford go this route? It won’t be a carbon copy. But it’s a damn good guess at what the renderings will look like as we edge closer to Ford willing to let us look behind the curtain. Come on 2020.

Sound off below on your favorite colors, likes/dislikes, wants and anything else Bronco related.

All image credits go to the awesome people at Bronco6G.com

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