Hope you’re not in a hurry today in New York City. The new speed limit is now 25 mph for all areas that do not have a posted speed limit. Before you balk at this increasing your cab fare, the adjustment down shouldn’t have an impact.

So, why the drop? Well, if you are jaded, you’ll think revenues for the city. Hell, I don’t think you have to hit the gas in most cars to hit 25 mph. Just pop it in drive and go down a slight slope. So, lots of speeding tickets for those caught unaware, and in an area with no traffic. That exists in NYC?

If you are of the optimistic persuasion, the reason is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s traffic safety plan to cut the number of pedestrian and driver deaths. There is a marked increase of survivability if a pedestrian is hit at 25 mph versus 30 mph. Doesn’t sound like a big difference, but surviving accidents is often measured in fractions of units.

The new law affects about 90% of New York City’s streets, and the city will have to replace 3,000 signs. For those of you out in your car today in NYC, the rule goes into effect today.

And yes, the cops do have some leeway with the rules. If you are bouncing between 24-26 mph, they probably won’t pull you over. If you are swerving in and out of traffic at 26 mph, that changes.

Some will argue this is just another portion of the ‘nanny state’ that NYC is creating. Maybe, but if it prevents pedestrian deaths, it’s hard to argue against the change.

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