It never ceases to amaze me, the dedication of Minecraft players. Imgur user Fornad uploaded an incredible gallery showing off nine months of painstaking work. The Shire recreation is at a 1:58 scale and “is arguably one of the most detailed and well-researched maps ever made in the game.”

Minecraft The Shire

Damn, Minecraft can look excellent on PC.

Lore accuracy was a pivotal pillar for the group. The image below of Hobbiton-across-the-Water with Bag End in the background was created based on Tolkien’s drawing.

Hobbiton-across-the-Water Minecraft

Check out Tolkien’s drawing below to see how they compare. The Minecraft players did a fine job translating the layout into the game.

Tolkien The Shire

The attention to detail on all aspects is crazy. The Shire was based on a rural society of people whose main concern is the day to day work of caring for crops and livestock. “Our fields are based on a system of four-field crop rotation, where different crops are grown in a field three years out of four and the field is left to “fallow” on the fourth year in order to let the soil rest. This was a system used all over Europe before the advent of industrial fertilisers,” writes Fornad.

Minecraft Shire farm

They even made sure to build realistic geological terrain. It helped that one of the 25 members happened to be a professional geologist.

Minecraft Shire land

Here’s one more image showing an overview of the Shire as it looks today.

Minecraft Shire overview

Want to explore the Shire yourself? Fornad invites you to join the server Adracraft. Check out the Imgur gallery to see more images of The Shire in Minecraft.

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