Before you jump out of your seat at the $70 price tag, it’s for the backpack only. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Hello, price misprint. You’ll need to shell out another $1200 for the 3D actual printer.

The good news is you’ll have something to carry it in and look like one badass doing it. Ultimaker’s 3D printer is already on the light side, so don’t expect the backpack to be distributing weight.

It’s designed to make it through the rigors of the day without you becoming that person hauling it around in your arms. Hitting the subway? Done. Airport? It protects your printer and has plenty of extra room for tools.

And let’s embrace our inner nerd. It looks cool as hell. If you’re in the market for a portable 3D printer, Ultimaker is tossing in the backpack for free until October 10.

Ultimaker 2 Go

While a small footprint, the printer makes up for it in features. The printhead is cooled with dual fans to make bridging and overhangs easier. Want accuracy and portability? Ultimaker promises 20 microns, creating smooth 3D prints.

Is it the best? It depends on what you want out of your 3D printer. An enthusiast wanting to get into the niche? It’s a solid bridge into it. Even pros will appreciate being able to toss it into a backpack and going about their day.


Mavic Pro

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