Amazon’s Prime Day is upon us. With the company eclipsing the value of Berkshire Hathaway, it’s only a matter of time before Jeff Bezos and company get July 12 named a national holiday. The new Black Friday without the rioting for $3 waffle makers.

Deals are pretty much everywhere you look on the site, but Amazon is offering up a compelling deal for those looking to get into the drone market. The 3DR Solo with a gimbal already included. Normally, it retails for north of thousand dollars. Today? $600 including the backpack and gimbal.

Yes, there’s a catch. You’ll need a GoPro. If you don’t have one, this isn’t remotely a good deal for the price. You can slide over to DJI’s Phantom 3 4K for the same price. GoPro gathering dust? Slap it on and you have your aerial photography platform.

3DR solo gets the Amazon Prime Day treatment

It also has more range over the Phantom 3 4K and a few more features. Plus the backpack is a nice addition to the deal.

The normal features you see in all consumer drones priced in this range are there. Takeoff assists. Cable cam to create theatrical shots. Trust me; your backyard never looked so good when using the mode. And of course, selfie mode. Selfie mode on drones and cameras is what a bottle opener is to a multitool. It’s expected.

Amazon’s Prime special is only for today and has an upper limit. The 3DR Solo is approaching 12% claimed.

Now, if they would unleash the Inspire for sub-$1000, then we’d have a true deal. A camera-less drone? If you don’t have a GoPro lying about, this is not a deal. You would need to drop another $350+ instantly and all of the sudden you’re staring at the price range of the Phantom 3 Pro.

Is the 3DR Solo a better drone? I’ll avoid the flame wars of the respective fanbases. Video and still photography from an aerial platform come down to the user and how good you are with a keyboard and mouse in post production. For me, it’s DJI. But I’m not above having both. I know I have a spare GoPro, or two lying around.

And now, I’m off to block myself from browsing Amazon the rest of the day. Thanks, Jeff Bezos. It’s damn evil to have a day devoted to emptying the bank accounts of everyone that stumbles across Prime Day.

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