The People’s Climate March in New York City swelled to nearly 400,000 people over the weekend according to organizers of the march. That makes it the biggest climate change march ever.

The march in New York City was just one of more than 2,000 events taking place in 156 countries. The 400,000 strong march dwarfed similar marches in recent years. 50,000 marched in Washington D.C. last year and 80,000 at a march at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009.

Organizers of the New York City march expected a good turnout, but I don’t think anyone expected 400,000. Early predictions were expecting more than 100,000 people at the NYC event.

Eddie Bautista, executive director of the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, said in a statement,“it would take everyone to change everything – and everyone showed up.”

Organizers of the various marchers across the globe are hoping to breathe some life into this Climate Summit. The U.N.’s green initiative has seen a series of setbacks. Australia’s new government repealed its national carbon tax. And, various countries such as Canada and Russia refuse to sign an extension to the Kyoto Protocol to help combat rampant greenhouse gases.

A much smaller protest will air their frustrations at Wall Street. The rally is scheduled to start in Battery Park later today and then make their way towards Wall Street.

The Wall Street sit-in is aimed at companies making profits from the fossil fuel industry according to a statement. Look for signs highlighting the usual suspects such as BP and other oil companies.

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