Need some relief from the 50 Shades of Grey madness? Lucky for you, the trailer has recast Christine Grey with Steve Buscemi in a perfect parody trailer for the Valentine’s Day film.

The parody starts like the previous 50 Shades trailers. Dakota Johnson as Anastasia walking into the office of Christine Grey. Instead of Jamie Dornan voice, you get Boardwalk Empire Steve Buscemi.

Yeah, I know. Pretty damn hot. The entire two minute trailer is recut with scenes from Boardwalk, Mr. Deeds and Fargo. Man, we couldn’t get a bit of Armageddon in it?

In this case, he actually would be showing her how to use that whip. If you live under a rock, the film drops this Friday. If your girlfriend or wife is buying an absurd amount of rope and whips, don’t question it.

You benefit, and the Avengers will be out soon enough.


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