Some good news and some bad news. The pricing is starting to come in on the Apple Watch, and the rumors aren’t pretty. Have your eye on the 18-karat gold Apple Watch? Prepare to shell out $5000. That places it firmly into the luxury item category.

You know what other category it places itself into? The luxury watch category. You know the watch snobs on Instagram? The people that geek out over the intricate clockwork. Not the fact you can SOS with the watch face.

Oh, it gets better. You would be tossing that much money on version 1, an item that will get continuous updates. Basically, a new version every year. Sure, we are used to it for mobile devices, but a luxury watch?

Ehh, I’m not so sure. Especially when the posted battery life is ‘about a day’. In tech lingo, about a day means if you had the bastard off and standing in a freezer. If you actually check the time? You’ll be lucky to grab a shift-style workday from it. Sorry Apple, no benefit of the doubt on your estimates.

Some Apple fans will point to the $800 cost of the iPhone now that carriers are moving away from subsidies. That’s true, but when you spread it across 24 months, it’s not the same feel as plunking down $5k.

Apple is quickly pricing its wearable outside of the smartwatch category. Android Wear and others similar are sitting around $299. Apple Watch Sport will come in at $350, but will have multi-colored bands and will not use sapphire glass. That will be for the luxury tier of the watches.

The good news is that the release date is getting a bit firmer. The rumors are now circling Valentine’s Day 2015. Yeah, if I was gonna get consumers to overspend, it would be either that day or Christmas.

Will the gold and sapphire glass be enough of a draw to warrant the thousands of dollars gap in pricing? It’s hard to count Apple out, but people buy luxury watches for a multitude of reasons. Fashion, collectable and timeless. Do any of those honestly describe the Apple Watch Edition?


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