Well, tally this one up for being odd. After being all smiles during the Met Gala, the mood turned sour after getting on an elevator that evening. Once the doors closed, Jay Z was violently attacked by Solange, his sister-in-law. Hey, we all hate certain in-laws, but attacking them? Ok, so it’s tempting.

Of course TMZ has the video of the altercation that had Jay Z the target of punches and kicks. Tae Bo is making a comeback evidently. Jay Z tried to fend off the blows, and a bodyguard eventually stepped in. Beyonce, for her part, stayed out of the melee. Girls run the elevator for the night, maybe?

There is no audio to the tape, so it’s a bizarre looking attack. Elevator companies, we need audio on the cameras. It would be interesting to know what precipitated the fight. Don’t worry Jay Z, your ego will further be damaged when the Heat dispatch the Nets tonight.

Reps from the differing camps are quiet for now. No statements have been released, but with the video out in the wild, someone is going to have to say something. At least brush the dirt off your shoulder. Something.

If you want to see grainy footage of Jay Z getting attacked, it’s below. Why is it all surveillance cameras have the resolution of a late 90s webcam?

Now we will see who makes a song about this first.


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