A Morning Stroll Outside the Space Station. 6.5 Hour Spacewalk

Alexander Gerst EVA suit

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman and German astronaut Alexander Gerst have the best view of anyone in the world this morning. The pair began a spacewalk at 8:30 am ET this morning to perform a variety of maintenance chores. The spacewalk is expected to last about six and a half hours.

You can keep track of every second of the spacewalk at NASA TV’s live coverage.

Wiseman and Gerst will be moving a broken cooling system pump, which was replaced in a pair of spacewalks last year, to a more permanent storage area.

Another item on today’s list will be installing a new relay system to provide backup power to the mobile transporter, in the event it’s ever needed.

Today’s spacewalk is a first for both Wiseman and Gerst. Wiseman won’t have to wait long for another trip into space. Another spacewalk is scheduled for October 15. NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore will take his first trip outside the space station on that day. Replacing faulty electronics will be on the docket on October 15.

It’s good to see the fresh set of batteries for the U.S. spacesuits are being put to good use. Today’s spacewalk was initially supposed to happen back in August, but an issue with the fuses in the U.S. spacesuit batteries grounded U.S. spacewalks. A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship brought the replacement batteries up last month.

Gerst had some fun on Twitter before his spacewalk today.

Image credit: Alexander Gerst Twitter page

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