If you’re in the market for a gaming laptop that looks like a gaming laptop, Acer wants you to hold off until August for the Predator Triton 700. It keeps the aesthetic we are used to in gaming rigs, but drops the thickness. The Predator Triton won’t claim the world’s thinnest gaming laptop crown, but at 0.74 inches thick, it packs some serious power.

For a frame of reference, the Razer Blade (gaming-focused) is 0.7 inches while the non-gaming Apple MacBook Pro checks in at 0.61 inches.

Acer Predator Triton Specs

Acer Predator Triton 700

It’s all about the hardware. A seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake serves as the CPU and what we know on the GPU is it is a Nvidia GTX 10-series. Acer has yet to detail the exact configurations on either. Screen size clocks in at a 15.6-inch 1080p display. That’s a bit disappointing considering the 4K options on the market, but if you’re optimizing for gaming, you’re probably willing to give up a 4K display for increases in frame rates and graphics.

One interesting design decision from Acer is the moving of the trackpad. Instead of a traditional laptop configuration, the keyboard is moved to the front of the Predator Triton, while the trackpad is in the rear under a Gorilla Glass panel. It’s definitely different, and if you’re going for a pure gaming laptop, odds are you own a wired mouse.

The features round out with what you expect in the niche. A mechanical keyboard with LED-illuminated keys.

It has to have a bit of marketing behind it:

Looks like a Transformers trailer.

Price. It starts at $2,999 and hits the market in August.

It’s interesting. We need to see the final specs on the CPU and GPU. The trackpad is something that needs to be hands on with. Not everyone is buying a dedicated gaming laptop – it’s cheaper to build a PC and have a normal laptop.

One day, computer manufacturers will ditch the gaming aesthetic for something sleek. Eh, probably not, but save the dream.

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