The whole point of a road trip is to get off the interstate and live a little. See a dirt road? Take it. The problem is most RVs are not equipped to take on anything more than I-285 around Atlanta. Granted, you can make the argument that is offroad.

Enter Action Mobil. It takes RVs to an extreme. Any terrain. Any weather. More specifically, these are expedition vehicles. If you’re taking the family to the beach, an Action Mobil RV is a bit much. Running the wilds of Alaska? It’s perfect.

The bonus is the RVs from Action Mobil look downright beastly. You get the option of choosing from 2, 3 or 4 axles for your vehicle. Options run the range of motorcycle lifts to fully-equipped kitchens complete with espresso machines.

Hey, if you’re making a run across a desert, you may need an espresso break.

The options are endless, but we’ll split the difference and look at the 3-axle Atacama 7900. It has a permanent double bed along with a u-shaped sofa in the back. Weather sucks, but you need to switch drivers? There is a passageway between the cab and the back.

It can even be converted into a changing room for extra space. TVs fold down from the roof, and you have the option of adding satellite, so you don’t miss the game.

At the rear is a hydraulic lift to put your motorcycle or ATV into the expedition vehicle. Below is a basic layout of the Atacama series, but the company will completely customize your vehicle.

How much for an expedition RV from Action Mobil? It depends on how it’s configured. Also, it’s one of those if you have to ask, be prepared to write a giant check.

But yeah, you have the same thought as me. I want one, and damn, its kitchen is nicer than mine.

Action Mobil Atacama 7900

action mobil atacama

action mobil atacama kitchen

action mobil atacama rv features

action mobil atacama layout

Check out the full lineup of expedition RVs at Action Mobil.

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