Who doesn’t want to be a photographer? I know I’m not alone in buying a DSLR with dreams of creating some amazing shots. One of the key principles of solid photography and videography is lighting. Yeah, the army of filters we employ will never trump solid light sources.

A new Kickstarter campaign from Adaptalux is aiming to fix that. The company wants to create macro lighting studio that you pair with your DSLR (It can be used as a standalone light source). Immediately, product photography springs to mind. This system would be perfect for bloggers and journalists looking to bring their reviews to life.

An added bonus? Your lunch would look next level with the right lighting.


Where the product shines is the modular design. Give me something that I can extend to create an array of lighting environments. It’s all about the user, with the control pod offering multiple ports for the lighting arms.

The lighting arms are what you will notice first. Secured to the control pod via magnetic connectors, the arms offer extendable light sources for either a photography or videography project.

And finally? It wouldn’t be photography without some added effects. Adaptalux wants to launch with diffusers and color filters but isn’t stopping there.

Other options include the Adaptalux Stage, an illuminated surface that snaps on a lighting arm. You can place an object on the surface to remove any ground shadows. Five colors will be available at launch.

adaptalux kickstarter example images

The backdrop setter. Still keeping with the macro focus, the company wants to launch with the ability to control your background. It will allow for a studio-level control, including:

  • Plain backgrounds
  • Gradient backgrounds by dimming the brightness of a Lighting Arm
  • Green screen effect for videography
  • Great for producing a variety of bokeh effects
  • Custom backgrounds for subjects with proposed laser cutting service

Additional features include a stabilizer and of course, an app. The device syncs via Bluetooth and WiFi, giving you control via your smartphone.

Adaptalux Kickstarter Campaign

With ten days to go, the company is nearing its funding goal. The standard Kickstarter patience applies. Once funded, the Adaptalux will ship in November.

Below is the company’s roadmap for testing, tooling and manufacturing the product.

adaptalux roadmap

It’s an ambitious project. One that instantly piqued my curiosity. And, if it can help me look like an amazing macro photographer? I can get onboard with that. Be sure to check out its Kickstarter for more information and the reward tiers.


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