Give the Internet a storytelling app, and they will make it about cats. Adobe continues to impress with its ability to shift with the technological winds. Once a boxset of DVDs for the Adobe master collection, it quickly moved to the Creative Cloud offering.

Now? The company continues to broaden its offering in the mobile space. Will you be able to create masterpieces with Adobe Slate? Knowing some designers, the answer is a definite yes. You will be jealous at the talent.

Slate is iPad only for now, and is focused on easy to use apps for creatives. Want a cool presentation mocked up? Done. Want to share the trials and tribulations of your cat? Of course you do.

Features are streamlined. Text, photos, design and animation. Don’t expect to be pulling a master photoshop comp out of this. That’s not the point, and your iPad might melt anyways.

Adobe Slate

Using the app is straightforward. You start with a blank slate as the title page. Add in your title and subtitle and move to your background image. This is where the app shines, it syncs with not only your camera roll, but lightroom, Creative Cloud files, or Dropbox. Slate has even put in a Creative Commons image search if you are light on images.

Font wise, Adobe Slate comes with 11 preloaded. It’s not a stretch to see TypeKit integrated a bit more in the future, and could offer some in-app microtransactions.

Images are handled fairly well with the animation engine. If you’ve ever done web design, you’ll be at home here. In-line inserts, along with full-width and captioned images are available.

Once completed, your Slate composition can be published to Adobe’s servers for sharing via email and text message. Facebook and Twitter are offered up as social sharing options.

adobe slate examples


There are a few drawbacks to the app. One has to do with themes. They are global. Once set, it applies to the entire story. It’s something Adobe could fix with an update, but for now users will have to deal with the constraint.

Another is from a business standpoint. Adobe keeps pumping out iPad only apps in the face of declining sales. Why not slap this on the iPhone 6 lineup? It’s an interesting business decision to stick with the iPad, and makes you wonder what the next iPads have in store for us.

Adobe is taking the wait and see approach for the iPhone. I’m not sure what they want to see. The phones fly off the shelf, and they are only getting more powerful. Maybe a jump in tech specs?

Video embeds are also on the feature roadmap, and considering the intense shift to video content, count on this feature making it into an upgrade.

Adobe Slate is free on the iOS app store today.


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