Sorry Redbull, there’s a new game in town. AER is the Nerf football we always dreamed of. Take your GoPro – Hero 3+ and up and snap it into the AER and toss.

We all await the Odell Beckham Jr. style grabs. Just watch the field goal practice net. That bastard hits back.

AER is What GoPro Needs

Fun. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a drone nut. But taking a GoPro and tossing it? The type of footage you’ll get will be incredible. And you don’t have to worry about FAA rules and regulations. No carrying around extra batteries. It floats and if you hit a tree, no worries. AER is crashproof.

AER GoPro example shot

Simplicity is the name of the game for the AER team. Here’s a GIF demonstrating the pop, slide, and screw.


Next up is planning on getting your throwing shoulder in prime condition. We’ll be tossing it quite a bit in February.

AER Kickstarter

February is the ship date for backers in the $55 pledge tier. Around 600 of the early bird discounts are still available. Each AER comes with a bag for easy storage. Need a few to toss? The trio pack sets you back around $150 (priced in Euros). Need to go absolutely nuts with trick shots and videos? A team pack of 10 AERs is priced at $437.

AER GoPro toss

The AERVIDEO team is looking to raise around $78,500. With 29 days left, the campaign is nearing the $50,000 mark. It’s a safe bet they hit the funding goal with plenty of room to spare. Pair it with a Hero5 which has image stabilization, and you have one awesome trick shot video platform.

And the Nerf football we all wanted as kids. Head over to the campaign page for more information.

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