A period of transition. Comedy Central is taking it on the chin in the past year. First the Colbert Report signed off, and now the bastion of news we care about, The Daily Show, is losing Jon Stewart.

One bonus is Fox News hosts won’t look incompetent when they try to engage the two hosts on their own turf. Nature versus whatever Fox News calls themselves today never ends well. CNN has to be breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe they can do a quiz show on how many flubs they make?

The question for Comedy Central is simple. Where do they go from here? Stewart helped shape debates for over a decade. He openly mocked the establishment and political hopefuls used his forum to reach a younger audience.

One issue is that Stewart is an executive producer on the show. Will he have a hand in picking his successor? Doug Herzog was noncommittal with that question, saying it was to be determined. Yeah, the guy who is a media icon not having some input. I see that happening.

“I think Jon wanted to get this off his chest and put it out there. He’s been carrying this for a little while, and now we’ll have to discuss” the next steps, Herzog said. “He’ll take a deep breath, as will we, and figure out what’s best for Jon Stewart and best for ‘The Daily Show,’ in that order.”

Jon Stewart Replacement

Viacom is quick to say there is a short list of candidates to replace Stewart. One possibility is John Oliver. Yes, he has a HBO show now, but he was superb when he filled in for Stewart during his directorial debut.

Herzog seemingly shoots that down saying, “John Oliver’s got a job.”

Still, it’s hard to imagine it not being offered to him. His wit is perfect for the anchor chair.

Everyone is weighing in on Stewart’s departure, including President Clinton. “Jon Stewart’s departure raises 2 Qs: 1) Where will I get my news each night? 2) Does this mean he’s doing a sequel to Death to Smoochy?” Clinton posted on Twitter.

You joke, but Hollywood loves a reboot. It doesn’t even have to be good.

With both hosts gone, fans are left wondering about Indecision 2016. Who will be there to knock the candidates down a peg or two? Ok, maybe five. Herzog expressed optimism that whoever the next host is will bring their own point of view to the series.

“Why not? But who knows. Jon carved out a very particular place for himself within that dialogue. We’ll see what the next person brings,” he said. “It’s going to happen in a different way, in a different fashion, from a different point of view. But I’m pretty certain it’s going to happen.”

It will be a sad day for satire when he signs off. Over a decade of skewering the elites to the delight of everyone. Ok, maybe not the elites, but they are the 1% anyways.

We do know one thing. Brian Williams isn’t busy at the moment. I think he’s having a slow jam about a Chinook attack.


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