Everyone’s favorite video game assassin is coming back to the silver screen again. Minus Timothy Olyphant.

Rupert Friend (Homeland) plays Agent 47 this go around and he forgot to shave. Friend was tapped as Agent 47 after the unexpected death of Paul Walker in a high-speed road accident.

So, what’s good about the trailer? The first minute or so is cool. Agent 47 is being questioned and is asked ‘Why don’t we start with your name?”


“That’s not a name,” says the guy questioning him. “No, but it is mine,” replies 47.

After that it starts to go downhill. I don’t hate CG, but I do hate when it looks like crap. For whatever reason, movies have had trouble with it lately. Just look at The Hobbit trilogy.

I don’t know, maybe it will be good. Maybe all the big action set pieces are shown in the trailer.

I just want something more like John Wick. Not an over-the-top movie with a scene showing a chopper flying through an office building.

Hitman: Agent 47 hits theaters on August 28, 2015.

What about you? Did you like the Hitman: Agent 47 trailer? If you didn’t, what would you like to see differently?


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