Toss an Air Bonsai on your desk and watch for the double takes. A floating, spinning bonsai? It won’t make Mondays feel any easier, but it’s damn cool looking.

Besides, ‘floating’ a desk lamp is boring. Bring some life your office. Nothing is more zen than a bonsai tree. The Kickstarter campaign is lighting up the Internet whipping past its funding goal of $80,000.

Air Bonsai

The principle behind the ‘floating’ bonsai relies on magnets. Yes, there is a DIY project out there you could create the same effect with wire, but the Air Bonsai team insists they are using magnets to create the floating effect.

Each base is handcrafted by the team in Japan and depending on the pledge tier; the prices get outsized in a hurry. It is up to you to create the ‘little star’ that fits your personality.

All of the expensive tiers are gone, leaving backers with the $200 and $230 tiers. The $230 set includes the basic bonsai kit made from lightweight lava stone from the Sakurajima Volcano in southern Kyushu.

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While the video shows off various bonsais or ‘little stars,’ Japan places strict quarantine regulations on exporting plants. What you see in the images are examples.

Air Bonsai kickstarter details

The Air Bonsai team is working quickly to line up partnerships to have bonsais available in all countries, but it’s an important issue to note. Backers in the United States are covered thanks to partnerships secured by the team.

Having the floating pot means you could plant whatever you wanted. The choice of a bonsai tree is excellent marketing. It’s zen, and we all know we could stand a little peace in our lives.

A couple of drawbacks to changing up the plant would be weight. It’s not stated, but the magnets pulling off the ‘floating’ effect will have a weight limit. The base of the platform always needs to be plugged in making watering your plant interesting. Opting for a plant mister is the way to go here.

The Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden has a winner on their hands. The campaign has 35 days left and is already nearing $200,000. What’s not to love? Now make it bigger. It would take serious magnets, but the ability to have a tabletop floating bonsai? Talk about a conversation piece.

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