Ok, what’s the cleaning deposit on this?

Airbnb is taking the whole notion of ‘swimming with the sharks’ to another level. Now you can lay your head down and take a nap thanks to the Shark Aquarium bedroom.

Located at the Aquarium de Paris, the ‘room’ is open for a select few nights, April 11-13. Price is the best kind. The stay is on Airbnb thanks in part to their ‘Night At’ events.

What type of creature comforts can you expect? The one bedroom will sleep two though I’m not sure you’ll be sleeping knowing what’s outside the underwater, glass-encased room.

Shark night from Airbnb in paris

No Internet. No TV. Just you, a close friend and 35 sharks. Think about it. You’re underwater at the Aquarium de Paris. E-mail can wait. Work can wait.

Marathoning Shark Week or Jaws? Probably better entertainment options if you expect to sleep at all.

Aquarium de Paris and the Shark Bedroom

Opened in 1867 in front of the Eiffel Tower, it was the first aquarium built in the world. Now you have history to go along with your stay. Residents during the three nights will be greeted by Fred Buyle, a world-record freediver.

How insane is his life? Here’s a taste of what he does:

During the stay, he will introduce you to your neighbors for the evening. By diving into the tank. Yeah, go right ahead, Fred. Do you brother.

Each guest will then be treated to a private tour of the aquarium and a behind the scenes look at its operation.

Aquarium de Paris shark bedroom

House Rules

The Aquarium de Paris is having fun with the house rules.

  • Avoid seeing Jaws before your sleepover. They’re kinder than you think!
  • No sleepwalking or night swimming.
  • Don’t eat the chum.
  • No diving.
  • Keep your heads and feet in the bedroom at all times.
  • Sheep can’t swim. Instead, count sharks.
  • Don’t take the bait.

Hell, bad time to mention I used to sleepwalk? They just inceptioned me to start up that bad habit again. One thing to wake up trying to take a shower, or outside (don’t ask). An entirely new ballgame waking up in an aquarium trying to pet a shark

Shark Aquarium Competition

Want a chance to win a night there? Until April 3, the committee is taking submissions. In less than 550 characters, tell them about yourself, where you live and why you belong with the sharks for the night?

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Paris. The winners will be flown to the Aquarium for their one night with the sharks.

You will need an Airbnb account. Don’t have one? Sign up for and grab $20 in travel credit. Consolation prize if you don’t win a night with the sharks.

There’s always Shark Week. Or a nice beach vacation for when you need to get away.

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