It’s good being the owners of this Atlanta AirBnb. The company has selected it as the most wished-for listing worldwide. The whole world, and it’s this urban escape in the ATL. Nice to know I’m only a two-hour drive from the best AirBnb in the world.

What makes the property special is its location. When you think of downtown Atlanta, a treehouse stay is not your first thought. More than likely, if you’ve been to the area, it’s I-285 stacked with rush hour traffic. Not rope bridges suspended between three treehouses.

Atlanta treehouse airbnb rope bridge

That’s what you get with the $350 per night property. With room for two, the three separate treehouses feature a bedroom, a living room and a deck for you to enjoy. A zen-like oasis smack in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the country.

Inside Atlanta’s Secluded Treehouse

Guests have all three buildings to themselves during a stay. Antique furniture and finishes dot the treehouse compound. 80-year old butterfly windows mark the living room and provide a view of the lush surroundings.

treehouse airbnb in atlanta

The bedroom features a double bed that can be rolled out onto a platform to be one with the elements. Protip for those not from the south? You don’t want to do that in the summer, but fall is perfection to lounge around outside.

A third treehouse is home to the open deck. It’s here you can enjoy nature all while being minutes from downtown Atlanta. The deck treehouse surrounds the ‘Old Man,’ a 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree that serves as an anchor for the treehouse compound.

Wondering about the bathroom? You have to go to the basement of the owner’s main house. Interaction with the owners is up to you. They happily respect your privacy but are on the premises if you need anything.

secluded treehouse airbnb atlanta

Getting around Atlanta demands a car. The city isn’t about to win any walkability awards thanks to its sprawl, so renting a car is almost a must. You can grab an Uber or taxi to get around, but life is easier with your own car.

What can be more difficult than Atlanta traffic? Grabbing a reservation at the Secluded Treehouse. At $350 per night, it’s steep, but can you put a price on nature in a concrete jungle?

If you haven’t signed up for AirBnb, you can do so here and work your way through the thousands of listings across the globe.

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