You have a choice in H1Z1, Sony’s ambitious open world zombie game. You can survive on your own, or make your way as fast as possible to airdrops. The new trailer shows it is very Hunger Games-ish. The odds probably aren’t in your favor if you arrive first.

A transport plane flies over the map dropping a package filled with survival gear. If you are armed with a rifle, it would be an excellent time to stand-off and wait near the drop. Those that rush in are going to be in the fight of their lives.

If you have played Day Z on PC, you will instantly like H1Z1. Early access is coming to the game and a Playstation version is coming. That’s sure to juice the already sizable unit lead Sony has over Microsoft.

You’re probably wondering, what’s in the airdrops? Nothing has been confirmed, but expect to be rewarded mightily if you secure one. Frequency of the drops also hasn’t been confirmed. What would be cool is to have multiple drops at the same time. You could get lucky and find one not being fought over.

More details are coming on H1Z1, so expect the details to be fleshed out. A possibility for Playstation owners is All Access from SOE. It is a wildly popular program on PC that gives gamers access to all the premium content. Playstation could use the exclusive coup after the EA Access went to Xbox One.

Below is the trailer for airdrops on H1Z1. You can see tactics will quickly come into play.


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