Airstream has put its line of camping trailers on one hell of a diet. The result is the upcoming Basecamp travel trailer. All the perks of an Airstream, minus dragging the family along. And it can be pulled with a regular SUV. Wins all around.

The new travel trailer is the lightest in its fleet. With a base weight of 2,585 pounds, a Subaru Outback can theoretically pull it. If you want to piss your car off. And no one is going to haul an Airstream Basecamp around empty. Its max capacity hits 3,500 pounds loaded with gear. Easy for your average light pickup or midsized SUV / crossover.

towing an Airstream basecamp

Yes, we all await the YouTube video of it being hauled around by a compact sedan to prove a point. Enjoy the repair bills.

Airstream Basecamp Specs

First, it’s an Airstream. That means Airstream pricing with a base MSRP of nearly $35,000. It’s steep considering alternatives, but there’s something about the brand that draws me in. Some may dislike the old-fashioned look, but not me.

Airstream’s CEO, Bob Wheeler, is high on the travel trailer calling it a “fully-loaded adventure waiting to happen.” Hell yeah, because it’s too small to drag the kids along. I know that’s what you meant to say, Bob. It’s cool. The target market is Millennials, but how many baby boomers are silently jumping for joy at the thought of ‘the kids can’t fit, it’s just us?’

The Basecamp promises to sleep two in comfort. The two interior benches on the sides and the one in the back convert into a full-sized bed. Hope you like your partner.

Here are the company specs:

  • Convertible rear space that adapts for eating, sleeping, lounging or storing gear
  • Large rear cargo hatch and flexible storage space with tie-downs
  • Bathroom with toilet and shower, including shower head pass-through for use in the most remote locations
  • Kitchen with a cooktop, stainless steel sink, and refrigerator
  • Wireless Bose Bluetooth speaker
  • Optional additions that include an enclosed patio and rear tent that seamlessly attach to the Basecamp roof rack for extra outside storage

Even a city dweller can’t complain. It has a full bathroom. I’m sure if you can navigate T-Mobile’s convoluted data plans, you might be able to sneak Netflix out there with you. Nothing says getting away from it all like a tablet, Netflix and the stars.

Airstream Basecamp trailer kitchen

Seriously, put down the damn tablet. And that’s coming from a guy that has his phone permanently attached.

Airstream is targeting an October launch date for the Basecamp. The optional accessories add to the price, but the $35000 figure is pretty solid. Make sure you have the towing package on your SUV/Crossover. Easy to forget that simple add-on at the dealership.

The company has launched a site to market the travel trailer as it nears its launch.

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