Airstream. One word and I instantly turn to look. There is something about Airstream travel trailers that gets me. Maybe it’s the old-school cool factor, or growing up always moving around. Most of the custom ones we see from places like Timeless Trailers rolled off the assembly line long before I was born. Yet, I love them.

Those looking for something custom and brand new are in luck. Airstream is partnering with Pendelton for a limited run of customized travel trailers. And they are stunning. Limited means limited when it comes to Airstream. Only 100 of the Pendleton trailers will be built.

Pricing? It starts at $114,600. If I don’t win the Powerball, I think I’m stuck dreaming. Unless Airstream wants to hook me up. It’s a thought, guys. Zero issue taking to the open roads. And I promise I’ll give it back. I think…

Airstream Pendleton Limited Edition

What does $100,000+ buy you? 28 feet of awesomeness. Each Airstream sleeps up to six and comes loaded out with everything Pendleton Woolen Mills. An exclusive accessory kit comes with each Airstream featuring blankets, shams, pillows, towels, a dining set and even a scented candle.

The interior is inspired by the outdoors, so if your design aesthetic wishes for something minimalist and modern, I’m not sure why you’re looking at the Pendleton collection. Wherever you choose to plop down, Airstream and Pendleton have covered it with Brown Peat Ultraleather.

interior of airstream Pendleton travel trailer

Interior walls feature a map of Yellowstone to celebrate our national parks. A badge on the front of the trailer to commemorate the National Park Service Centennial. Cabinet accents throughout the trailer are uniquely Pendleton.

Even the exterior awning is a customized to fit the design.


The design is Pendelton yet still Airstream. What about features. It’s 28 feet of Airstream goodness. Time to impress with more than a cool interior design.

Each travel trailer features a wide sport hatch. Want to impress with a picnic overlooking a mountain view? Pop the hatch and grab the dinette table. Or, opt to read a book in bed while enjoying the mountain breeze. Either works.

It looks rustic, but the technology is there. High-end audio is driven by a marine grade Polk audio system. Need some Netflix? Two Samsung HDTVs are included.

While you catch up on Sportscenter, be useful and cook for the other five guests in a kitchen complete with a stainless steel oven and cooktop.

Thought it was a great idea to visit the southwest deserts in July? Twin Quietstream units keep the 28ft trailer cool in the hottest weather. I know I can’t sleep unless it feels like an arctic blast hit my bed and Airstream agrees.


Airstream Pendleton floorplan

Airstream will donate $1000 to the National Park Foundation for each Pendleton Limited Edition sold. In addition to the travel trailer, each customer will receive a one-year America the Beautiful-The National Parks and Federal Recreation Land Pass.

Yep. I want one.

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