Probably not what the USDA had in mind for the food pyramid, but I like the way Alchema thinks. Strawberry and raspberry cider? Works for me.

The latest Kickstarter craze is all about craft cider. It’s the polite way of saying you are damn determined to turn whatever you brought home from the produce section into alcohol. Hey, it’s not like you were eating the apples anyways.

Alchema Expands Your Palate

Want your own craft cider or mead? 1-2 weeks. Wine? Set aside four months. Perfection can’t be rushed. Oh, and you’ll want wine grapes to impress your friends.

Alchema’s fermentation process is straightforward. You won’t be rushing to YouTube to figure out what went wrong. Choose a recipe from the app, add the ingredients (fruit, sugar, water, etc.) and the yeast packet. That’s it. You’ve become a master homebrewer of craft cider.


The app will let you know when it’s ready via a push notification. A push notification that’s not annoying. Two weeks of fermenting on the counter is easy to forget.

Alchema vs DIY

What sets Alchema apart from other kits is it continuously works to prevent contamination. Most DIY cider kits contain a chemical sanitizer. You want hard cider, not necessarily chemical cider. Instead of chemicals, the company opted for a medical grade UV-C LED light that sanitizes the system before you brew up another batch.

An air pressure and auto-release valve add another layer of safety by avoiding kitchen explosions when the other kit produces gas too quickly.

Alchema cider

Current kits involve guesswork. There’s no notification bar saying it’s time for a taste test. It’s on you to step into the abyss of your handiwork. Alchema not only notifies you when the batch is ready, but it also calculates the alcohol content, air pressure and temperature.

Smarter Kitchen Appliances

The company has already grabbed the attention of the HAX hardware accelerator, who helped Alchema demo a prototype at Brookstone and Target. The Kickstarter push is to work on the final design and bring the craft cider to your kitchen.

Pricing starts at $329 for an early bird special. Once those are gone, an Alchema will set you back $399 and include three packets of yeast.

It does have a lengthy wait time. July 2017 is the listed ship date, giving you a year to concoct whatever mad cider recipe you want. If the company hits $150K in crowdfunding, it’s promising to bring an Android app alongside the iOS version it will ship with.

Learn more about the development and features over at the company’s Kickstarter campaign.

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