Need your Alfonso Ribeiro fix? After securing the Dancing With the Stars trophy last season on ABC, the network has decided we all need Carlton back in our life.

The actor will step into the role as host for America’s Funniest Home Videos. You know, ‘YouTube’ before we had Youtube. It will be a nice change as ABC looks to adapt to a fracturing base of viewers hitting content from all mediums.

You know you want to see it. Here’s the Carlton dance:

See? Your day became instantly better.

Ribeiro will start filming episodes for the show’s 26th season set to air in the fall. He’s taking over for Tom Bergeron, who is retiring from the show after the 25th season. Thanks, ABC. Being 31 isn’t supposed to feel old.

alfonso ribeiro

Speaking to EW about the hosting duties, he played down any format change.

“It won’t be very different. It’s really about assisting the videos not trying to overpower the videos with your comedy. But I have a different energy than Tom does and I’m very animated and energetic, and some of that will absolutely come through. I’m sure it will be dance-related in some form …. For me to able to come in and replace Tom, who’s my idol in the hosting world, will be a challenge but one that I feel excited to be a part of.”

What are Alfonso’s favorite ‘funniest home videos?’

“My favorite is when people do things to hurt themselves.”

I’m with him on that. If we want cat videos, there’s the entire Internet. Darwin award winners hurting themselves? That never gets old.


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