New Frontier Tiny Homes has a simple motto. They can build anything. For a tiny home, it’s easy to be skeptical until you see what they managed to pull off in the company’s flagship Alpha Tiny Home.

The name is fitting. Featured on HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living, it checks off every box of the ‘Big Living’ moniker. Natural materials are contrasted with modern lines and giant glass windows.

exterior New Frontier Alpha Tiny House

New Frontier Alpha Tiny House interior

Built on a 24’ trailer, it pushes back against the ‘too small’ notion with a fold-down deck and awning, sliding doors to let nature in and a tempered glass garage to put as much natural light into the space as possible. A 24’ trailer only allows for so much room.

Alpha Luxury

For once, what you in the pictures is what you get. At $95K, it quite a bit. How many actual homes do you see with an Ariel Stainless Steel farmhouse apron sink? A dishwasher in a tiny house? Sure, why not?

New Frontier Alpha Tiny House kitchen area


Don’t want to trade your master bath for tiny living? Good, because New Frontier doesn’t want you to. The Alpha comes complete with a full-sized Jacuzzi tub and shower. It’s mind boggling manufacturers can make this all fit in that small of a footprint.

The bedroom/loft area has room for King sized bed plus night stands.

New Frontier Alpha Tiny House bedroom loft

Yes, the feature list borders on the absurd. It’s expensive, but at least you know you’re getting quality. Plop it down as an Airbnb rental or one hell of a vacation home. Actually, make it your permanent home. It’s definitely the way to live the digital nomad lifestyle.

Jump over to New Frontier for the complete spec sheet and enough pictures to make you want to list your current home.

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