Jordan Liles, a photographer and hiker, is becoming quite the Internet sensation today. He was hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains and came across a 100-year old town that had been recently abandoned.

With houses stretching to 100 years old, the pictures and video captured show off the Wonderland Hotel. It was built to house visitors traveling up the mountain. The hotel was eventually turned into a private club, whose members built houses around the area.

The hotel eventually shuttered in 1992 when its lease ran out, and the final two homes had their leases expire in 2001. In 2006, the National Trust for Historic Preservation placed the area on its ‘11 Most Endangered Places’ list.

Liles video, shot last summer, is titled Tennessee Wonderland and shows off the eerily beautiful landscape. A quick note on the footage. Some sites are saying the area has not been touched for 100 years. The homes in the area are 100 years old, but it hasn’t been abandoned for that long.

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Image and Video Credit: Jordan Liles


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