Well, that’s one way to introduce Black Friday deals. Can we even call it a Black Friday shop if it started on November 1 and lasts through December 22? Hell, people are still torturing their kids for Jimmy Kimmel, and it’s suddenly the holiday shopping season.

Amazon is moving against other e-commerce sites as the destination for online shopping. I doubt they need the jump on other retailers, but the company is wanting to establish volume for its quarterly results.

And get more users into Amazon Prime. The $99-per year premium plan doesn’t only offer free two-day shipping; it has incentives to get people buying various goods. Most of the incentives have been in place for a while now, including 20% off on pre-order and new release video games and a 30-minute head start on ‘thousands of Lightning Deals.’

Alex and I are completely onboard with Amazon Prime, and we know our UPS guy by name. Still weird to see the postal service show up on Sunday with deliveries, but it’s hard to deny the convenience of it.

Amazon Black Friday Shop

Before you rush to grab the 4K TV today, there’s a caveat. Amazon is using the splashy storefront to introduce ‘tens of thousands of deals’ with new ones coming online every five minutes. Not everything is going to be an absurdly cheap TV or big ticket item.

Your best bet is to head over to the shop and see if you can start grabbing stocking stuffers for now. The big products will come later.

Why the early start? According to the National Retail Federation, around 41 percent of shoppers start their holiday shopping in October. Another 41 percent were gearing up for an early November start for the best deals.

Those shoppers are expected to spend an average of $935.58, with 56 percent of the shopping occurring online. Yeah, count me in the 100 percent category. Drive an hour plus to Birmingham, or park it at the house and let UPS do the work? Shop smarter, not harder.

Amazon X-Ray-Black Friday Shop

Amazon X-Ray

Like my family and order tons of various items? The company is releasing Package X-Ray for iPhone users. On November 15, we can scan the barcode from the app to see what’s inside the brown box. Dog snacks or a Nintendo 3DS. It makes a difference when your nephew is staring at you. Or a border collie who understands more than you think.

No word if the app update will slide over to Android, and the release date gets compacted after November 15.

For shoppers, keep an eye out on Amazon and here. We’ll keep posting what we think are the best deals through the end of the holiday shopping season.

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