Damn, Amazon. This is perhaps the greatest invention ever. The Amazon Dash isn’t an April Fools joke either, though it would be a killer one. Something I actually want. So what is it?

One-click ordering of your household items. We’ve all done it. Looked at the pile of laundry – ok, so it’s a mountain – and decided hey, productivity time. Just one problem. There’s not enough detergent.

Who wants to go to the store? Enter Amazon Dash. Product based ordering buttons. You can stick a Tide Dash button to your washer. One click and two days later UPS is rolling up your driveway. At this point, you may as well consider the UPS driver family.

amazon dash brands

It isn’t just laundry detergent. How about mac and cheese? Razors? Toilet paper? All have buttons with one-click ordering.

Amazon Prime members already have their payment info stored on the site, so the button press is seamless. I know, you’re thinking of your button mashing kids. Safeguards are in place to prevent a metric ton of toilet paper arriving. Also, if you start drunk-ordering Tide, it will stop you.

Amazon Dash Button

“Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products,” the Dash site reads. “When you’re running low, simply press Dash Button, and Amazon quickly delivers household favorites so you can skip the last-minute trip to the store.”

According to Amazon, this is a limited-time offer. Yeah, calling BS on that. Making ordering additional products from Amazon stupid simple for a limited time. Sure Amazon, whatever faux-scarcity model you want to use for marketing.

Each Amazon Prime member will receive an email about the offer, allowing them order up to three buttons.

amazon dash tide

Dash Replenishment Service

The buttons are the next step in having the system built directly into machines and products. Coffee makers will have the ability to reorder beans when you run low.

Whirlpool, Brita and Brother are among the companies that have made products using the system. All are expected to launch in the fall.

What’s it mean for users? Well our transition into the human characters of Wall-E is getting closer. To think, we used to be hunter-gatherers. Today? It’s fumbling for a button and grabbing the box from UPS. Hey UPS, when will you put the stuff in my cabinets?

Evolution grinds on.


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