The fight over the second screen is entering a new phase. Amazon released its Fling software to developers on Thursday in a shot at the growing dominance of Apple and Google. The new toolkit will allow developers to create apps that are shareable with Amazon Fire TV’s set-top box.

Is the announcement groundbreaking? Not in the slightest. It is a pure catch-up move by Amazon. Apple and Google both have the feature baked into their respective operating systems. Own an iOS device? You can beam shows, pictures or songs to your set-top box.

Google’s Android? Dubbed Cast, it works with Chromecast, Cast for Audio and Android TV. Figuring out how to make it play nice with your Comcast/Xfinity box? Hey, I never said it wouldn’t be migraine inducing.

Amazon’s Fling software is new, so we don’t have much to go on, except what the company is telling us. Once an app is Fling supported, you should see the icon on your smartphone or tablet.

Tap the icon once, and it sends the content to the Fire TV set-top box. Intuitive? You bet. A bit late to the second screen game, but nicely done.

What’s the real-world use for Fling? Say you’re an odd one like me that insists on watching Netflix on your phone while within 15 feet of your big-screen television.

All you have to do is realize the craziness of what we are doing, tap the Fling icon and kick-back and binge watch your weekend away.

Amazon Fire TV Set-Top Box

Interested in buying a new set-top box? The Amazon Fire TV set-top box retails for $99 and offers an easy way for you to watch Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, etc. on your TV.

If you’re adverse to remotes, you can voice search for your favorite show. Hilarity can ensue as it tries to figure out that southern drawl. Don’t judge, it slips through sometimes.

amazon fling for fire tv set-top box

If you don’t’ feel like dealing with Smart TV apps, it’s an excellent option. I’d add it or an Apple TV or Chromecast to a Smart TV. It saves you from the inevitable headache of the OEM not updating the system. We all know Amazon, Apple and Google are here to stay.

So, if you have Amazon’s Fire TV, definitely try out Fling. It works on every major operating system for smartphones. Apple’s iOS., Google’s Android and FireOS. Sorry, Windows Phone.

Most top-tier apps should be rolling out support shortly. You’ll be sharing viral videos in no time. Or, flinging Netflix to the living room TV.

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