Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is heading to the small screen via Amazon. With John Krasinski as the titular character. Yeah, The Office guy. Though, check out 13 Hours. Not exactly the most riveting movie ever created, but surprisingly decent when you check any expectations at the door.

It also serves to prove Krasinski can pull off an action role with ease. Jack Ryan has been in development purgatory, but Amazon has officially greenlit the series for ten episodes. After five films and four actors, the character is finding a home on the small screen.

Considering the depth of stories, a reboot of the franchise makes the most sense. Especially after the Chris Pine film strayed way off the reservation on the source material.

“We’re excited to add the Jack Ryan global franchise to our robust originals pipeline,” Amazon Studios head Roy Price said. “Our customers will enjoy a compelling adaptation of the action-packed spy thriller book series, further raising the bar for the quality level of storytelling that has made Prime Video a leading destination for content.”

John Krasinski playing Jack Ryan on Amazon

The initial season follows Ryan as he uncovers a pattern of terrorist communications that poses a global threat. Basic boilerplate premise, but it’s on Amazon. The company is going out of its way to compete with Netflix on the original front, and this could be Amazon Video’s Homeland. Or its 24. Depends on how crazy they get with the script.

A clue the series is in good hands are the showrunners – Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel, The Strain) and Graham Roland (Almost Human). Roland did wonders on Almost Human, but it was on the wrong network. If Fox grabs a sci-fi show, you’re better off not getting excited. It’s where sci-fi goes to die. And play episodes out of order. Yeah, that befell Almost Human like it did Firefly.

On the action front, Jack Ryan counts Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form as executive producers. Expect a heavy dose of America similar to The Last Ship.

SkyDance’s David Ellison, Marcy Ross, Lindsey Springer, Dana Goldberg and Mace Neufeld also grab EP credits.

Paramount TV and Skydance are partnering up behind the scenes for what I hope is a multi-season series.

Jack Ryan Breakthrough?

While the recent films failed to build upon the successes of the originals, a scripted series can cut through the clutter of hundreds of original IPs. Jack Ryan is a known property and easy to market. Plus, it’s Amazon. The company will do anything to muscle its way into the niche Netflix is dominating.

Here’s hoping the writers dive deep into a character that was a bestseller for decades. And John Krasinski as the president? It happened in the books but don’t ever expect to see that plot on television.

No word on when the series will make its debut, but a safe bet it will drop in 2017 away from major network premieres.

And who can forget Hunt for the Red October. Sean Connery as a Russian sub captain. It gives you this greatness:

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