Get ready for doorbuster deals on Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot. The speakers have been slashed to $90 for the larger Echo and $35 for the Echo Dot. If you want sound quality, either pair the Dot with a Bluetooth speaker or just buy the larger Echo.

It’s Amazon’s Prime Day, so they aren’t done offering up their tech products as discount rates. The Fire tablets are on sale with the Fire 7 for $30. The Fire 8 HD will run you $50. Sounds like the kind of tablet you give to a kid. An iPad Pro it is not.

Why stop with Fire tablets? How about a Fire TV? The 55-inch Element 4K HDTV with Amazon Fire TV will be discounted from $650 to $400. Now reviews are mixed on the TV, but nothing jumps out as a dealbreaker. If you want an upgrade from your current 1080p TV, $400 is pretty damn interesting. Though quality trumps price and the way manufacturers discount 4K TVs now, it’s nothing to add a Fire TV, Roku, etc. to something with more history.

Non-Amazon Tech Deals

Have a builder in the family? The Reprap Guru Prusa I3 V2 3D printer is on sale for $230. It is a DIY kit, so assembly is required. Then again, you’re buying a 3D printer, isn’t that the whole point?

Oculus early adopters hate life right now with the Rift Touch bundle seeing a discount of $199 to $399.

Chargers. Good lord Anker, did you unleash your entire product portfolio for Prime Day? There’s the 60W 10-port USB charger, the Quick Charge 18W wall charger, and a 4-port wall charger. Yeah, we got it, Anker. We own a lot of crap that needs to be charged.

Check out Amazon’s Prime Day splash page for enough earbud and phone cases to make your head spin.

Smart Home Deals

Outside of the Echo deals, most are smart security cams or light bulbs. Flux has their second generation smart LED light bulb which works with Alexa. The other major deal is the second generation August smart lock that is expected to be discounted to $150.

Head over to the Tech, Smart Home and Gamer splash pages for the latest deals and times they kick off tonight and tomorrow.

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