Amazon is throwing down the tablet gauntlet today. The online retail giant introduced five new tablets on Thursday, the biggest hardware launch for Amazon ever.

The tablets range from a kid-friendly Fire HD Tablet to a brand new Kindle called the Kindle Voyage.

Here’s a breakdown of what Amazon is offering today.

The Fire HD is being heralded by Amazon as “the most powerful tablet under $100.” The 6-inch tablet comes in 8GB or 16GB configurations and sports front and rear cameras. The 8GB model starts at $99 while the 16GB comes in at $119.

Want something specifically designed for kids. The Fire HD Kids Edition is for you. “If they break it, we’ll replace it,” vows the retailer. $149 gets you the tablet with a 2-year guarantee and a protective case. Unlimited access to 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, apps and games should keep accidental purchases to a minimum.

The Fire HDX 8.9 is Amazon’s premium tablet. Priced from $379 to $479, Amazon calls it “our most powerful tablet ever.” Varying storage options pushes the price higher.

Amazon’s Kindle ditches the page-turning buttons for a touchscreen display at $79.

The biggest surprise is Amazon’s newest Kindle, the Voyage. This souped up Kindle is designed for the most “passionate readers.” The Voyage sports a new high-resolution display, an adaptive front light that adjusts to different lighting conditions and PagePress. PagePress uses pressure sensitive bezel on either side of the screen for turning the pages. Pricing ranges from $199 for the Wi-Fi only version to $269 for Wi-Fi + Free 3G.

Check out all of Amazon’s newest offerings at its homepage.


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