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Many of you head over to Best Buy to buy the latest games thanks to their Gamers Club membership. Who wouldn’t want to buy new games for 20% off?

Amazon is jumping on board with a similar promotion. Are you an Amazon Prime subscriber? You just got another perk. 20% off on pre-order and newly released games. The deal extends to any game you already preordered. As long as you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Amazon Prime preorders

What does Amazon consider a “newly released game?” The first two weeks after launch.

Collector’s Edition games are also included. I tried it with Tom Clancy’s The Division Collector’s Edition and received the 20% off at the checkout screen. Sadly, it doesn’t cover console bundles. That would be too good of a deal. Also, the 20% off only applies to physical video games. Digital games are not included.

Still, 20% off plus free release day delivery? That’s a damn good deal for any of you who are already Amazon Prime subscribers.

I don’t think this move will pull any Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked members away. A Gamer’s Club Unlocked membership costs $30 for a two-year membership. But, Amazon’s move is a great way to add some more value to the $99/year Amazon Prime membership.

I know I’ll be using it. For two reasons. I think I keep one of Amazon’s warehouses in business with all the stuff I buy. And the nearest Best Buy is more than 30 minutes away. Got to love living in the sticks.

The Division and Dark Souls III for $48 a piece? I’m down.

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