Nothing like a preventable measles outbreak to have the majority of Americans shaking their head in disbelief. The anti vaccine movement has grown in recent years on the back of discredited science, and has led to growing outbreaks of preventable diseases.

The Disney measles outbreak is just the latest in a string of growing outbreaks as unvaccinated people come in contact with infected carriers. This latest outbreak has now totaled 154 cases according to the CDC, up 13 from last week.

A CNN/ORC poll conducted February 12-15 found an overwhelming majority of Americans believing a child should be vaccinated against preventable disease, if healthy. 78% agreed with the requirement, while 22% disagreed.

The poll focused on vaccines against measles, mumps, rubella and polio.

When talking about possible barriers if a parent refuses to vaccinate their kid, the numbers dipped, but stayed well into the majority. 58 percent thought a healthy, unvaccinated kid should not be allowed into public school. The number jumped to 61 percent when asked about daycare.

Asked about private school, America is split. 51 percent said the kids should be allowed if the school allows for it, while 48 percent said the kids should be barred until vaccinated.

Concern about the measles is also creeping into everyday life. 39 percent of respondents believed measles would eventually impact their local community. Women were more likely to be concerned than men – 43 percent vs 33 percent.

West coast residents were most concerned – 39 percent – about measles striking the community. This is due to the overwhelming press generated from the Disney outbreak in Anaheim.

Health officials continue to sound the alarm over parents that opt their children out of vaccinations. They warn the measles outbreaks will only grow larger as herd immunity is lost due to the drop in vaccination rates.

What do you think? Require the vaccinations? I know when I was moving from school to school, it was a constant trip to the doctor for any required vaccinations.


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