For 27 years, Andrew House helped steer the Sony brand. 22 of them were tied to PlayStation (since its 1995 launch). House unveiled the PS4 to the world during 2013’s E3. And presided over the launch and success of the platform. But nothing is forever. Including House’s tenure at PlayStation.

Today, Sony announced a change at the top Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). Andrew House is stepping aside as President and CEO of SIE immediately. John Kodera (currently Deputy President of SIE) takes his place. According to Sony, House will stay on as Chairman until the end of the year to “ensure a smooth transition.”

Here’s what House had to say about today’s news.

“I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve built with PlayStation and Sony Interactive Entertainment: entertaining millions globally with the best in games and creating a fully fledged digital entertainment company. PlayStation has been a huge part of my life for more than 20 years but with the business having achieved record-breaking success, now seemed to be the right time for me to pursue new challenges. I shall always treasure the friendships and people that have made SIE such a wonderful place to work. I’m also grateful to PlayStation fans and gamers around the world for their loyalty and support. John and the team at SIE are world-class and I know the future of PlayStation is very bright.”

Hey if you’re going to go out, go out on top. The PS4 is an overwhelming success. According to Sony, sales of the PS4 are expected to eclipse 78 million units this fiscal year.

Who is John Kodera?

I figured he was one of the presenters at Sony’s E3 conferences, but a quick YouTube search turns up nothing. That’ll change moving forward as he leads the entire PlayStation brand.

Today’s press release paints a picture of Kodera’s prior responsibilities. He helped launch and manage PlayStation’s recurring revenue services such as PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Music. He’s no stranger to the PlayStation brand.

Sony’s Kazuo Hirai showered praise on Kodera in today’s announcement.

“He is a truly global executive, possessing strategic understanding, strength of conviction and outstanding leadership capabilities.” Hirai added, “I believe that John is ideally equipped to build on the foundations Andy has left in place, and drive Sony’s game and network services business to further growth and excitement going forward.”

Kodera echoed the sentiment of building on the success House helped lead. “I intend to build on the amazing progress Andy has made enhancing the PlayStation brand and expanding the game and network services business, and will strive to further strengthen the unique value proposition we are able to offer via the PlayStation platform,” said Kodera.

The PlayStation platform is in a great position right now. Let’s see how Kodera will leave his mark on the brand.

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