Android is finally launching its ‘pay-by-smartphone’ this month. Google’s plans were unveiled early thanks to leaked memos from McDonald’s.

Yep, when I think of launching new technology, McDonald’s immediately jumps to my mind first. Though, I do all of the sudden want a stack of hot cakes and an obscene number of hash browns.

The folks at Android Police and a user on Reddit were the first to spot the memos. If the memos are legitimate, Android Pay launches at Mickey D’s on August 26. Two more days and you can discover just how much grease you are eating when you grab a large fry for the road.

android pay leaked by McDonald's memo

Android Police

Google is radio silent on the memos, just saying that the rival to Apple Pay will launch later this year. The memos did get Samsung Pay wrong. It had the date slated for August 21, which was the launch date for the Note 5 and S6 Edge +. Samsung’s payment system will, launch stateside on September 28.

Via the leaked memos, we have learned that participating partners will receive decals to attach to point-of-sale terminals (POS). It will advertise the ability to pay with your phone, or get frustrated before finally digging out cash or your check card.

Sorry, when a payment system has a FAQ, it becomes more of a pain in the ass than an actual feature. There is the ‘damn, this works great on commercials’ and then there’s the real world where the point-of-sale terminal looks like it got hit by a truck. Repeatedly.

leaked McDonald's memo and Android payReddit User – BlackMartian

You’re lucky it still reads the magnetic swipe of current cards.

Regardless, Android Pay is right around the corner. Is it set for August 26? Maybe, but it’s McDonald’s memos. The company messed up on the Samsung date. It’s not out of the question they screwed up on both.

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