Smarter homes. Safer homes. Unfortunately, nothing has popped up to handle cooking and cleaning, but I have hope…

Instead, we are seeing the constant flow of money and technology into the home security vertical. Sorry ADT, the keypad just doesn’t do it for us anymore. Startups have adapted faster. It’s all about connectivity. We want security and a digital assistant.

And that brings us to Angee. Already past its funding goal on Kickstarter, it wants to be the Swiss army knife of home security.

Autonomous is the word the creators toss around. Angee is meant to recognize you and your family. Either through your phone, voice recognition or possibly facial recognition. The last is a stretch goal they haven’t met yet, and technology has been tough to crack.

It wants to remove the barrier many home security systems have. The human factor. We are the biggest problem of securing our homes. Activate. Deactivate. What was the passcode again? I left what outside? It happens to all of us.

The idea is that if the system remembers you, no more fumbling with a keypad that is somehow horribly backlit.

Angee’s Security of Things

Features are a laundry list. Angee is trying to pack as much function into its small package. The design is sleek, so you don’t have to worry about an eyesore in the house.


Video monitoring is the main selling point with 360 degrees of coverage. Each Angee comes complete with onboard and cloud storage. The unit will even follow you until it learns you or you tell it to stop. Considering it can record, that privacy feature is a must. Some things can’t be unseen…

It’s obvious the people behind Angee know something about UX and mobile. The app looks great. If someone enters your home, the unit notifies you and gives you access to the video feed.

Past the rotating camera, optional security tags are available to monitor every possible entry point. You can have as many of these as you like, but they work off Bluetooth, so take your house size into consideration.

security tags angee

You may want multiple cameras, and the campaign offers those tiers. I would imagine a studio or loft would be perfectly fine with one. A suburban house? You’ll need multiple units depending on the size and placement of the security tags.

Each unit talks to each other, and it’s hard not see the system including integrations with other smart home products. The voice recognition alone would lend itself well to lights and other smart home appliances.

[divider]Not Just Security[/divider]

With a 10-hour battery life, you can use Angee for a variety of tasks. The night vision makes it easy to keep an eye on pets. You think mine are going to be on their dog beds? Nah, that’s why the house has couches.

Whatever bro, the couch is mine.

Whatever bro, the couch is mine.

Having the ability to stream two-way conversations opens up Angee to being used for long distance communication. Having it rotate 360 degrees just means it knows I like to walk around and talk while on the phone.

Angee Specs

Features for days means serious hardware.

angee technical specs

Angee and Kickstarter

It is more expensive that its obvious competitors such as Nest Cam and the like. Early bird specials have it at $309. Retail is $429. But, if the company can deliver on the features, there is no comparison.

Ship dates for the Angee are October 2016. You’re talking a year. As long as the company keeps backers updated, I have zero issue with that. It’s an ambitious project with a working prototype. Now comes scaling. That takes time when it comes to a project like Angee.

Learn more about the countless features and reward tiers on their Kickstarter campaign page.

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