Johannes Kepler would be proud. In fact, he’d probably be the first to wear the Anicorn K452 watch. The name sound familiar? It should for astronomy nuts like myself. K452 is the designation of the Kepler exoplanet (Kepler-452b) dubbed ‘Earth 2.’

It serves as an inspiration for Anicorn as they release their second watch to the Kickstarter crowd. Already funded, the watch is a reimagining of what a watch face can be.

In 1609, Johannes Kepler put forward three laws for understanding orbital mechanics. What he proposed has shaped our understanding of planetary movement. The Kepler telescope continues to discover exoplanets every day as we look for life beyond our world.


Anicorn takes Kepler’s vision and melds it with design and body to form a watch not only for our inner science nerd but watch collectors everywhere.

Anicorn K452

Using the Kepler models, the K452 hallmark is the three concentric discs used to display time. Seconds are displayed in the center disc while the minute and hour discs are read through an aperture on the watch.

anicorn-discs anicorn-discs-time

Battery life? Not really a question you ask with traditional watches, but Anicorn went with the battery-free mechanical option. It uses your body’s natural movements to stay powered. Optionally, you can wind the watch by turning the crown clockwise.

For the movement, Anicorn opted for the Miyota Calibre 9015 in the K452. Here are the accuracy and specs of the K452:

  • Vibration frequency: 28800 vibrations per hour
  • 24 Jewels automatic movement
  • Accuracy: -10~30 seconds per day
  • Posture difference: Under 40 seconds per day
  • Running Time: More than 42 hours
  • Water resistance: 164′ (50 m)

For those new to the mechanical world of watches, the company explains the accuracy in a note:

The accuracy of a mechanical watch is different from the daily rate accuracy of a quartz watch. The accuracy will change at a maximum of ten seconds when you manually rewind the spring. Therefore, the accuracy of the half wound condition (as the watch naturally unwinds throughout the week) will be different from that of a fully wound condition.

Sticking with the Kepler theme, the back of the K452 is transparent. It’s not an unheard of design decision, but here it flows perfectly to match the story of the watch. It celebrates the discovery of the Kepler exoplanets

anicorn k452 watch

K452 Watch Options

Four models are available in the Kickstarter campaign. Each is designed to reflect a person’s personal style while staying true to the design inspiration. The K452 Interstellar is a Kickstarter-exclusive edition.

Strap options include a Milanese mesh bracelet or a leather option. For the mesh, you can choose between brushed, polished or black.

anicorn k452 watch straps

In addition to the mesh bracelet, each K452 has a leather option. Along with the leather strap, colored buttons are included to represent three of the Kepler discoveries – Kepler-452b (blue), Kepler-186f (yellow) and Kepler-20e (red).

Want both? Me too. The strap change is easy with Anicorn’s strap system. It’s a simple pull and click to go from Milanese mesh to leather.

Every detail is handled down to the packaging. I’ll admit being a packaging design nut. Luckily, Anicorn is like me and offered up an unboxing of the K452.

Anicorn K452 Kickstarter

Pricing for the K452 starts at $329 for the Solar, Luna or Dawn editions. Want the Interstellar Limited Edition? 99 remain at $399.

Can’t decide between the three models? A double pack is available for $539.

Shipping dates from Anicorn have the watch delivered in September. A few pledge tiers have a July delivery date, but most of the options have sold out. The Interstellar model is slated for August delivery.

The initial campaign goal was for $50,000. It came and went with current funding at $140,000. A stretch goal at $200,000 is for sapphire coatings on every K452 watch.

As for Kickstarter pedigree, Anicorn launched their first design back in 2014. The Series 000 was funded and is now for sale to consumers.

It’s a bold reimagining of the traditional watch face. But, it is fitting to draw inspiration from the Kepler telescope and its discoveries. Add in style and it’s no surprise Anicorn has fielded another conversation-sparking watch.

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